I’ve recently obtained a 720p camcorder and a tripod. I’ll be making my videos suck less. Stay tuned for, uh, when they, uh, suck less. Yeah.

Yeah, that shiny new camera? When I was out making video of shooting guns at stuff, a bird landed on it, and crapped directly into the microphone… Now I have this great rubber bands of doom clusterfuck that holds my phone to the tripod, and it’s the best setup I’ve had so far… See the Machine Porn video below…

Almost every question people ask me, or mistakes they make that could be avoided, are covered in my Blog and my Videos. Worth watching and reading. I know I ramble like I’ve got the downs, but there’s info there… I rarely interface with humanity, so converting my thoughts to words no longer comes naturally. Moving along…

Oldest videos are at the bottom. Newest videos are at the top. So, if you haven’t seen any of them, it will make more sense to start at the bottom.

I know my videos are a mess; they’re supposed to be.

I’m a bit frustrated by the “do it all for me” attitude. I thought that was for Democrats? When there’s no one around to do it all for you, how will you sort it out? Educate yourself now, so you’ll be prepared later. I don’t provide certain products and “kits” because I’m trying to encourage ingenuity and resourcefulness among my fellow Americans, not keep them ignorant at a price… That price is much higher than most realize.