Standard Solvent Recycling Adapters for S3786 Filters


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This is a standard Solvent Recycling/Trap Adapter for S3786 Oil Filters.

As you can see from the pictures, this is a direct co-axial adapter with minimum length added. Not stacked adapters on top of adapters hanging waaayy out there.

Stainless Adapters have a medium-grey, uniform, matte finish. Much darker than the stock photo above suggests.

M24x1.5RH is found on many 5.56×45/.223 and 5.45×39 AKs.

M26x1.5LH is found on the Yugo M92 PAP Krinkov Pistols, as well as others.

You should ALWAYS double-check your threads before ordering.

READ THIS: These threads are located on the sight base. It is a cast piece. The threads are often NOT machined and the rough cast threads are rarely to-spec. It should be obvious that this means it is often not concentric to the bore, or even the outside of the barrel. Expect to have to work a bit to get it on there. The usual problem is a little mold flash along with oversized radii in the minor diameter. It’s an AK, what’d you expect? If it fits with no problem, buy a lottery ticket; luck is on your side.

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These support a standard washer for 3/4in bolts. You can get them at any hardware store or home improvement store. Washers are optional and not included because they are only useful when using the adapter/filter as a storage canister. Most people pour back back and forth a few times to filter a few passes and then back into the original container.

You are buying a Thread Adapter. Nothing but the adapter is included.

You can probably find cheaper, but you’ll get what you pay for. There is a difference between affordable and half-assed.

WARNING: There is a fine line between Solvent Trap and Illegal Silencer. While it seems like a cool, simple, cheap, common-sense thing to do to reduce noise pollution and protect your hearing without the crazy safety risks created by earmuffs, it is, in fact, illegal to make a silencer or suppressor from a filter, or anything else, for that matter. Holy run-on sentences, Batman! Solvent recycling device, legal. Unregistered silencer, illegal. Getting a Filter Suppressor registered on a Form 1 is unclear and may not even be possible for non-SOTs. The ATF has provided conflicting information. You’ve been advised.