Stainless Steel 4003 Solvent Trap Body Tubes


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These sometimes ship separately from other items. You will not be charged extra shipping if this happens.

The sandblasting option is deliberately in a state of perpetual backorder. It will never say “in stock.” I sandblast them on an as-requested basis. When you place the order, I go out to the shop and start doing it (sandblasting, ya perv). I also say several bad words because I hate sandblasting. These orders may be delayed a bit, or ship separately. You will not be charged extra shipping if this happens.

Bigass Stainless Steel Tube with threaded ends to fit the stock 4003 end caps, or the end caps I make.

If you order end caps to go with it, and request sandblasting, I like to sandblast them all together so that they match.

These have a slightly smaller ID than the 4003 filters. 1.811in.

2in diameter. Available in 8in, 10in and 12in lengths.

Nicer and much stronger than the Napa/Wix parts. Also a bit more expensive.

If it goes over well, I’ll make more. If not, then it’ll be a one-time thing. UPDATE: it went over well. The finish has been cleaned up considerably on the new batch, but they’re still not super-fancy. The expense needed to make them into beautiful, delicate princesses just isn’t worth it. Not to mention, that’s gay.

Sorry, no reasonable pictures yet. It’s a tube…

Thoughts on sandblasting: Sandblasting these is a time-suck of monumental proportions. Sandblasting for 12 hours a day is definitely not a good use of my time. I’ve added a $10 cost for sandblasting. People who like the matte sandblasted look of raw stainless should keep in mind that non-ferric stainless is a fairly soft metal. It will scratch and wear quite easily (nowhere near as bad as Aluminum or Titanium, but still…). I, personally, like the “beater” look. You should see my motorcycle…