HELICAL Solvent Trap Adapter Muzzle Brake/Flash Hider for 3/4 NPT (Napa 4003 / Wix 24003 Filter)


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Please READ, you’ll be glad that you did.

Solvent Trap Adapter Muzzle Brake/Flash Hider for 3/4 NPT (Napa 4003 / Wix 24003 Filter)

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1-14 threads will destroy the 4003’s end caps. Caveat Emptor. The 4003 is threaded 3/4-NPT, not 1-14. A proper 3/4-NPT thread is needed to preserve it and lock-up properly. Just because 1-14 can kinda-sorta fit on there, does not mean it’s a good idea. The improper angle and wrong thread profile WILL grind away the 4003’s end caps over time.

This is an evolution of the Solvent Trap Adapter, and is, in fact, no longer a Solvent Trap. It is a pass-through solvent recycling and cleaning system. The filter media that the 4003 comes with is wide micron and high-flow. It doesn’t do a very good job out-of-the-box, but it gives you a damn good starting point with most of the work already done. To be truly effective, you have to make your own filter media for it. Once you do that, it puts oil filter recycling to shame. Bottom line: this filter works as well as it’s owner.

Select your barrel threads above. Price varies slightly, depending on the barrel threads you have selected.

The Parkerized adapters are single-point turned from billet 4140 Chromium-Molybdenum Steel (not Aluminum or low-carbon steel). Please note that Parkerizing color and consistency are directly related to the metal surface and cannot be completely controlled. It’s a minor trade-off for the superior protection and durability.

Most other adapters are pipe fittings re-drilled and tapped and are not concentric. Yet others use a flange to prevent a person from screwing it on too tight, but neglect the fact that it also prevents you from screwing it on tight enough, or, God forbid, using your own judgement to decide how tight you want it. Tapered pipe threads can lock on incredibly tight, or not so; depends on you.

These have wrench flats for a 13/16 crescent wrench.

The picture pretty much covers it. A Muzzle Brake/Flash Hider that has 3/4 NPT (4003 Filter) threads.

It works directly with the following Fuel Filters (they’re all the same thing):

Napa 4003 / Wix 24003
Napa 4744 / Wix 24744

When you receive your Parkerized adapter, be sure to give it some oil. It will be thirsty! This is very important because the corrosion resistance of Parkerized materials is dependent upon the micro-crystalline structure sponging-up oil. WD-40 makes an excellent anhydrous initiator, and you probably already have some. Eventually, a proper oil would be preferred.

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