Aluminum 4003 Solvent Trap Body Tubes


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These are tubes only.

Surface is pseudo “in the white.” The raw scale has been cleaned up, but I did not turn the entirety. That would add significant expense that just isn’t worth it in my opinion. Most people are fine with the finish as it is. If someone put a pea under your mattress and you woke up all bruised, well, maybe you won’t like it.

The sandblasting option is deliberately in a state of perpetual back order. It will never say “in stock.” I sandblast them on an as-requested basis. When you place the order, I go out to the shop and start doing it. I also say several bad words because I hate sandblasting. These orders may be delayed a bit, or ship separately. If you order end caps to go with it, and request sandblasting, I like to sandblast them all together so that they match.

Oh, yeah, these are the end caps: 4003 Solvent Trap End Cap v3.0. Yes, the 4003 filter’s original end caps also fit these tubes. That’s the whole point. Compatibility instead of being forced to buy “special” stuff.

Aluminum is a compromise material. It’s cheaper. It’s lighter. But, it’s nowhere near as durable. It’s resistance to abrasion and sheer is virtually nil. Even if you anodize it or do some fancy coating; no matter how much lipstick you smear on that pig… It’s still Aluminum. Some sellers like to tout it like it’s some miracle material from the Nth Dimension. 6061, 7075, oooh! It’s totally the “military/aircraft grade!” It’s just Aluminum. Hyperbole doesn’t change that. They don’t make tank treads out of Aluminum for a reason. You need to be aware of it’s compromises if you expect it to last. It’s not going to fall apart in your hands or anything, but it is definitely wimpy material as metal goes *cough*gayr-15*cough*.

These have a slightly smaller ID than the 4003 filters; 1.811in.

2in diameter. Available in 5in, 7in, 9in and 12in lengths. I skipped over the 10-ish length that matches the 4003 because the 4003 already exists.